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The Moomins and the comet hunt

The Moomins and the comet hunt

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Funny little trolls and all round ... it's the Moomins! One day, Moomin notices something strange in the valley. Everything is covered with gray dust: the grass, the river, the trees, and even the moomin house! The scholar Muskrat Rat explains to Moomin that these are the warning signs of a terrible fate for the earth ... A nice movie to watch with your child from 3 years old.

  • What is the story ? What is this gray dust in the valley? Moomin is worried. With his friends and his dad, he boards a raft to interview the scientists. A new adventure for this adorable family of trolls, ecologists and all round as hippopos, who likes so much to explore the world.
  • Translated into more than 30 languages, the albums of the Finnish designer Tove Jansson were a huge success in the 60's. The animation made with felt is very suitable for their curves. For the suspense, trust the singer Björk who composed and performed the music!
  • By Mr. Lindberg, MK2 Diffusion, 1:17 am
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