Beauty gestures to forget or keep

Beauty gestures to forget or keep

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Hair removal, coloring, self-tanning, hammam ... pregnant, is it allowed or not? A more fragile epidermis, hypersensitivity to active products, a blood circulation that warms up to the slightest rise in temperature ... some care gestures are welcome but others are to be forgotten.

Monique Fort with Dr. Marie-Laure Fléchet, dermatologist, attached to the Rothschild Foundation in Paris and author of the "Health and Beauty Guide to the Skin" (Odile Jacob edition)

Beauty gestures to forget or keep (12 photos)


Waxing ... a lukewarm yes

You used to wax your hair but now that you know that your blood circulation is slow and that any contact with too much heat is not recommended for your legs, you hesitate to continue.
So, should you shave these unsightly hair? ... This is not the best solution. On the one hand, this action is irritating to your skin that has become more sensitive and, on the other hand, it will strengthen hair regrowth by cutting it off.
Depilatory creams, they are less aggressive than the razor and therefore preferable. However, as they "eliminate" the hair without tearing it off, the problem of regrowth is the same.
The ideal method that will ensure your legs clear for at least three weeks, or four (thanks to post-depilation products that delay regrowth) remains hair removal ... but not hot waxbecause it can cause extensive dilation of small capillaries. On the other hand, you can easily wax (or wax) with lukewarm wax. Today, beauty salons and most specialized brands offer this refreshed version. If you prefer to carry out your hair removal yourself, you will find new waxes, mainly based on honey or sugar (85%) and vegetable resins. They are heated in a microwave or water bath and remain flexible and easy to use even at low temperatures. Another advantage, if a few small pieces of wax remain on your skin, you will remove them easily with water.
The electric epilator is also an effective solution.
As for permanent hair removal sessions, however, it's better not to think about it! The hormonal impregnation is such that it modifies the cicatrization phenomenon.

The scrub

The scrub ... a yes without reservation

The scrub is to rid your skin of dead cells that have accumulated on its surface. Not only does it make it softer, but it improves oxygenation and stimulates cell renewal through the effect of massage, also fighting the distention of your skin. Your smoother skin allows anti-stretch mark creams, in particular, to penetrate better. As for your complexion, it finds its freshness and its brightness.

Of course, it is best to use the gentle method, no energetic friction, you need to respect more than ever your skin. Moreover, a muscular massage brings nothing more to the effectiveness of the treatment. An application once a week is largely sufficient. For the face, use products to apply on wet skin, they better respect the sensitivity of your skin. Avoid cheekbones if your skin is particularly dry. For the body, adopt the exfoliating shower gels, a formula "two in one" that will save you time.

The bath

The bath ... yes

Ideal to relax, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of a good relaxing bath. On the other hand, no bath too hot. Above 37 ° C, it could hurt your blood vessels. The good idea? Finish with a cool shower (18 ° to 24 ° C). Sitting in the empty tub, walk the shower head over your legs and pull your ankles up to your thighs.

Slimming creams

Slimming creams ... a categorical no

Pregnancy is not the time to use slimming creams at all. On the other hand, moisturizing creams and anti stretch mark creams are recommended during these nine months. It is recommended to use an anti-stretch marks treatment daily, from the third month of pregnancy and three months after delivery. Opt for a care specially formulated for future mothers

UV sessions

UV sessions ... a non-radical

The estrogens you secrete stimulate the cells that produce melanin, the pigment responsible for tanning. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, these hormones react so that you see brown spots appear on your skin: it is the famous pregnancy mask.
Like exposure to the sun, UV sessions are not recommended during your pregnancy. And even after: count at least three months after delivery, because during this time, the mask remains a threat, hormones taking a little time to find their balance.


The self-tanners ... yes

Legs, face ... the self-tanner is ideal to give you good looks and no contraindications during pregnancy. The good trick ? Use an already tinted product. You will see immediately the effect obtained. Think also about progressive tanning creams.

The horsehair glove

The horsehair glove ... a no with reserve

You use it in friction to stimulate your circulation and exfoliate your skin. He is now too aggressive: he may break the skin fibers and aggravate the problems of varicosity on the legs. On the other hand, a glove or loofa strip (woven with bleached and sanitized vegetable fibers) will replace it effectively. Again, a nice caress barely supported is sufficient.

Revitalizing capsules

Revitalizing capsules ... a mixed yes

They worked miracles on the beauty of your hair and the resistance of your nails. Based on vitamins, they are not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. Anyway, since you're pregnant, your hair and nails are beautiful because they fully enjoy the hormonal bath that overwhelms you. However, from the birth of your baby, find your capsules, they will limit the inevitable hair loss three months after giving birth and promote their regrowth.

The hamman, the sauna

The hamman, the sauna ... a categorical no

This large oriental bath of wet steam is intended to sweat to eliminate toxins from the skin. This too high heat can not be supported by your blood circulation upset by hormones. For the sauna, the same observation ... worse. Indeed, this dry steam bath of Finnish origin has a temperature even higher (90 °) than that of the hammam!

Essential oils

Essential oils ... a yes ... but

These oils are used in the composition of many beauty products because of their bactericidal, soothing or tonic ... as well as their fragrance. Very active, they must be used in small quantities. Be careful not to use them in pure form but mixed with vegetable oils (which contain in addition moisturizing active ingredients or vitamins). In general, they are present at 2 or 3% in a cream of care, at 30% in a product for the bath or the shower.

Before using them, carefully read the instructions for use and make sure they are 100% natural. Some brands use natural essential oils associated with others of chemical origin and their virtues are modified.

The permanent

The permanent ... a yes under surveillance

Being pregnant does not prohibit the permanent. Nevertheless, the influx of hormones often modifying the nature of your hair, you must be careful. No way to do it yourself. Only the hairdresser is competent to choose the product according to the desired effect (light volume, small or big loops) and especially for you to refuse it if it considers that your hair is too damaged to support this chemical aggression. The perm tends to dry the hair, it will be rather beneficial to oily hair.

Small precision: if the perm does not "take", it will not be because of "your hormones" nor the fault of the man of the art who will have tried. This unexplained phenomenon is not only rare but it has no connection with pregnancy!

The coloring

Staining ... yes, after testing

If you are used to coloring, no problem, whatever the technique used. On the other hand, if you want to change products or if you want to change your color for the first time, try to check that the product does not react. The physiological changes in pregnancy make your body more sensitive to allergies. There is little reason to be worried, but as much follow the "procedure": apply a little product behind your ear and if no redness appears after the lapse of time indicated on the user manual ... color without fear.

You can opt for a color that fades as shampoos: it gives beautiful reflections. To change the shade or to hide some white hair, you will need a definitive color. As for wicks or sweeping, it is ideal for giving relief and light to hair a little dull. This method has the merit of not touching the scalp, the risk of irritation is therefore zero.

If you want to make this change in your bathroom, you do not have to worry: the products "home" that are available to you are numerous, more and more easy to use and they act quickly.

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