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The first cry of baby

The first cry of baby

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Just born, your toddler utters his first cry. Many scholars have sought to understand its origin. Vital reflex? Trauma related to birth? What does it mean?

The first cry: a vital function

  • The first cry of your baby first has a vital function. The cut of the umbilical cord leads to the entry of oxygen into his small body for the first time and causes a sound from the vocal cords under the effect of air.
  • With this cry, the cardiac functions and breathing of your baby are put in place. The lungs fill with air and the cells, previously unused, open for the first time.
  • His blood circulation, being done with you thanks to the placenta during the pregnancy, is put in place autonomously.
  • Unlike a belief popular, the doctor does not need to tap the baby's bottom to make him scream. He is sometimes content to rub his back or feet.

The first cry: a cry of distress?

  • Psychoanalysts also connect this cry to the trauma of birth. The newborn would move from the soft, warm world of his mother's body to the cold, noisy world of the delivery room.
  • Some see in birth a painful ordeal and violent, during which the child finds himself alone for the first time.
  • This cry must sometimes be waiting a few seconds, even a few minutes. Babies may not cry at all, although they are healthy.



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