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The baby carrier, he loves it!

The baby carrier, he loves it!

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For nine months, your baby has lived in a cocoon, the baby carrier allows him to recover this state of well-being. He likes to feel the skin of his mother and the beating of his heart. This is the safest place. Do not hesitate to adopt it!

The virtues of portering

  • Women around the world carry their babies, whether in a baby carrier called "kangaroo", in an "African boubou", or a "mei-tei" Chinese, the baby makes contact with the outside world, while feeling safe against her mom. He thus lives through the march and movements that reassure and rock him. This mode of transportation is a guarantee of warmth, cuddling and natural rocking.
  • Contrary to popular belief, carrying a baby is a form of freedom. The movements become very simple and the connection with the child can best meet his emotional needs. There are different types of baby carriers today.

The baby carrier says "kangaroo"

  • It is used only on the stomach. The baby is in a semi-sitting position. It is one of the most commonly used means of delivery by Western parents. It is very easy and quick to put in place thanks to its system of clip strips. However, the classic baby carrier does not necessarily ensure a good position for the child who is resting on his genitals, legs hanging. In addition, not perfectly suited to the forms of the adult, it can also eventually cause some lower back pain.

The hammock

  • The hammock is a good compromise between the classic kangaroo and the wrap because it allows the newborn to be in a position that is natural and safe while being fast and easy to use. When lying down for the first 6 months, the baby can then be seated laterally on the hip as soon as he begins to straighten up. It can be worn in this way until 2 years old. However, the weight of the child is spread over a single shoulder, and this brings less comfort to the wearer.

The porting scarf

  • This long scarf of 4 to 5 meters, in jersey or organic cotton, is the most natural way to bring your baby skin to skin. It brings great comfort to the adult and to the child who feels well wrapped. This scarf also allows moms to breastfeed their child discreetly. It can be used from birth to 3 or 4 years of the child because different knotting techniques are possible. In hammock, against the belly, in the back, on the hip, at each age position. However, less common, it is often more expensive and longer to implement, even if after a few hours of training, the tie becomes a breeze. For small budgets, it is possible to make your own wearable sash from African fabrics, bazin, wax or honeycomb.

The Chinese baby carrier mei-tei

  • Composed of a square of quilted fabrics and 4 large strips, the mei-tei can respect the physiognomy of the child. It is ideal for carrying in the back but can also be used on the stomach. It is usually recommended from the 4 or 5 months of the child, when the child begins to hold his head.

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