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Breakfast does not pass

Breakfast does not pass

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When you wake up, your child soaks his lips in his bowl of milk, swallows two crumbs of cereal, without enthusiasm. Yet this first meal of the day is essential for his health!

Why is breakfast important?

  • Many children skip breakfast because they are not yet hungry or lack of time. Yet after a night's sleep, and therefore fasting, your child needs to rehydrate her body and recharge her batteries to spend the morning until lunch without being tired ... and even being in good shape.
  • Having a solid breakfast, and this every day of the year, is one of the first rules in terms of a balanced diet. This first meal of the day should represent a quarter of the total daily energy intake. Hard to ignore! For the small refractory, the consequences are well known: they are more tired, less efficient, tend to nibble and to have a higher corpulence than their comrades.

A good breakfast, what is it?

A balanced breakfast must have at least two essential elements.

  • First of all a dairy product which provides both the proteins needed for the construction of the tissues and also the essential calcium for the good health of its bones.
  • Then, a cereal product (or a slow sugar), which brings the energy-rich carbohydrates and keeps you going until lunchtime. You can give it in the form of cereals to introduce into the milk, crackers, or just slices of bread.
  • You can, of course, offer your child a fruit (or a fruit juice) for its richness in vitamins and fiber.

It will be better ... taken with you

  • Breakfast with you ... it's better! If you swallow your coffee on the run, without eating anything, even a slice of bread, you are not really an example. What if you review your organization? Advance the awakening of a quarter of an hour to prepare this first meal as a family. Are you one of those who have a difficult awakening? A good solution is to install everything the day before.
  • Make a nice table, put a cover for each one on sets of color, multiply the products and the pleasures proposed ...

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